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Precision Cutting Tools

- Launches New Variable End Mill




October, 1st, 2013- SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA- Precision Cutting Tools (PCT), a leading cutting tool manufacturer in Southern California, launches a new carbide Variable End Mill, the 558 Series. As part of its product innovation strategy, PCT is committed to help users meet their machining objectives with continuous research and tool improvements.




The new 558 Series- 5 flute Carbide Variable End Mill is ideal for Stainless Steels, Titanium, Cast Iron and other alloy applications. Its design consists of an eccentric OD, sharp corners, asymmetrical flutes and a 35°Helix. The 558 Series is excellent for users that are looking for increased metal removal rates, without the loss of speed or tool life. The 5-Flute Variable is engineered to eliminate harmful harmonics at the point of contact, producing a smooth finish on the part. In addition, the 558 Series provides users chatter-free machining and improved milling accuracy.

The 558 Series is available with Exxtral Plus® coating, which is excellent for high-speed operations, dry or semi-dry machining. Exttral Plus® coating also reduces friction between the chip and tool, resulting in a longer tool life. The 558 Series can be modified with corner chamfer/radius, left-hand spiral and extended neck.  
The 558 Series can be ordered through the following:

  • Online: www.pctcutters.com
  • Phone: (562) 921-7898
  • Fax:     (562) 926-0156
  • Email: sales@pctcutters.com