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for End mills and



PCT now offers re-sharpening services for end mills and drills. Tools can be
re-sharpened according to customer specifications and can be re-coated through its in-house PVD coating facility, Eifeler-Coating Services. PCT offers local pick-up and delivery for re-sharpened tools. The re-sharpening process takes an average of three to five days.

The re-sharpening process was introduced with the slogan “Reduce, Re-use, Re-Sharpen.” The term “reduce” is referring to customers lowering their tool costs, since re-sharpening cutting tools is not as expensive as purchasing new tools.  “When referring to “re-use” we mean do not dispose your tool, because it can still work like new,” says the PCT sales team.

With the addition of this service, PCT hopes to continue to fully-serve the needs of its customers.


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