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Precision Cutting Tools, Inc. just launched its new solid carbide Hi-Depth Long Drills (40xD-50xD). Our Hi-Depth™ Long Drills are engineered to increase productivity while simultaneously reducing cycle time, during deep-hole applications. The Hi-Depth™ Long Drills possess self-centering capabilities and internal coolant holes, features that allow for peck-free machining and reduced cycle time. In addition, the combination of their coolant-hole geometry and parabolic flutes, permit higher speeds/feeds with efficient chip evacuation. Furthermore, for longer tool life, our Hi-Depth™ Long Drills have undergone several processes, including edge preparation, flute polishing and premium coating. The drills are available in two styles, SXC and AXC series. The SXC Series - Double-Margin, 30º Helix is ideal for machining Stainless Steels and Heat-Resistant Alloys. The AXC Series - Triple-Margin, 15º Helix is suitable for Aluminum and Gray Cast Iron applications. The Hi-Depth™ Long Drills are offered in the following diameter ranges: 40xD (ø 3.0-8.0mm) and 50xD (ø 3.0-6.0mm).

Benefits   Industries
No Pecking Cycles   Automotive
Efficient Chip Removal   Aerospace
Reduced Machining Time   Die & Mold
Increased Productivity   Oil & Gas
Longer Tool Life    

Carbide Straight Flute Drill

Maximum Precision

Superior Surface Finish

Efficient Chip Evacuation

Longer Tool Life

Our new FXC Series was engineered exclusively for Aluminum and short-chipping materials like Gray Cast Iron. Its unique geometry includes straight flutes, a 130° point and a total of four-margins; features that allow for maximum precision and an excellent surface finish. Furthermore, our FXC Series comes with internal coolant holes and ZircoPlus® coating, for efficient chip evacuation and a longer tool life.



Our new High-Performance Machining Plus+ End Mills, H235 and H337 Series, are engineered exclusively for high-speed milling centers. The H235 and H337 run at maximum spindle speed and power, achieving RPMs as high as 33,000. Furthermore, the H235 & H337 Series allow for increased productivity and reduced machining time, during operations of Aluminum applications.


  • Higher speeds & feeds
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced machining time
  • Improved tool balance
  • Coolant holes (available upon request)
  • Radii (available upon request)


  • Aluminum
    …and its alloys


558 Series is ideal for Stainless Steels, Titanium, Cast Iron and other alloy applications. Its design consists of an eccentric OD, sharp corners, asymmetrical flutes and a 35° helix. The 558 Series is excellent for users that are looking for increased metal removal rates, without the loss of speed or tool life. The 5-Flute Variable is engineered to eliminate harmful harmonics at the point of contact, producing a smooth finish on the part. In addition, the 558 Series provides users chatter-free machining and improved milling accuracy.

558 Series FaceThe 558 Series is available with Exxtral Silver® coating, which is excellent for high-speed operations, dry or semi-dry machining. Exxtral Silver® coatingalsoreduces friction between the chip and tool, resulting in a longer tool life. The 558 Series can be modified with corner chamfer/radius, left-hand spiral and extended neck.

558 Series Specs


  • Increased metal removal rates
  • Increased depth-of-cut
  • Improved accuracy
  • Chatter-free machining
  • Higher speeds & feeds
  • Superior surface finish on the part


  • Stainless Steels
  • Titanium
  • Cast Iron
    …and their alloys


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